Smart solutions

About us

Our vision

We intend to implement technologies within the circular economy, in order to provide innovative engineering and environmental services, which better serve the interests of our customers in the transition phase towards sustainable decarbonisation.

Our company fits the concept of Energy Services Company (ESCO) by providing a differentiating service at a high level of commitment to the results obtained.  

Our mission

Is to implement green technologies within this transition phase towards sustainable decarbonisation and circular economy, providing innovative engineering and environmental services that better serve the interests of our Customers.

To fulfill our vision, Clearenergy focuses its activity on the development of its employees through cooperation, performance analysis, and technical development, contributing to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of its staff, as well as to their interpersonal development.

Our values

Rigour commitment, quality service, transparency, and social ethics, go hand-in-hand with our passion, targeting greener solutions and improving energy efficiency.

Our Team

In order to respond to the various requests in the scope of the services we provide, qualified technicians in different technical fields, allow a multidisciplinary response and ensure technically well-developed solutions during the project initiation phase, and subsequent efficient operation of the installations.